Jack & Bry

DTC e-commerce sales and marketing


To disrupt the meat market, to take jackfruit to a whole new level

Jack and Bry make ‘meatier than meat’ sausages, burgers and mince. A start up in their first phase of funding who were looking to hero Jackfruit as a meat substitute. They had been posting on socials and running Facebook ads with slow returns and minimal growth. We wanted to show how unique Jack & Bry products are by letting people know who they are and how versatile and sustainable jackfruit is.

Positioning Jack and Bry as leaders in Jackfruit, Science and Food Innovation. Ultimately, creating a cult following. 

Jack & Bry
October 2020


Supporting a rebrand, we ran influencer marketing campaigns to reach new audiences and grow engagement on social media.

Using Facebook and Instagram organic strategies we began educating new and existing customers on who Jack and Bry are, what do they do and why.

Social proof sealed the deal; using customer testimonies and User Generated Content as top of funnel content for social media advertising campaigns to grow new audiences who had never heard of Jack and Bry.


Oct 2020 – May 2021

DTC sales grew 44%
Online store sessions increased 71%
Returning customers increased 16%
Total online orders grew 65%
PPC ROI = 250%

"We were introduced to Roz and her agency and were blown away by her strong and inspiring digital plans to support our growth. Immediately Roz and her team were tasked at managing the brand vision, redevelop the website, create new content and look at ways to optimiste traffic and conversions for the website. We would highly recommend Roz and her team in a heartbeat to support your marketing strategy, social campaigns, SEO and ad campaigns, to support growth. Roz and her team always went the extra mile and in a startup that's rare to find"