Flying Scissors

Social Media Management


Ngara came to me as an established, fully booked hairdresser with 25 years experience. Her goal wasn’t to have the biggest Instagram following, but instead to showcase her work across different fields and genres. She wanted to demonstrate her expertise and knowledge while organically growing her business to bring in new customers who felt aligned with her creative approach and the flexibility of her offering.
Flying Scissors
April 2018


We began brainstorming Ngara’s tone, look and feel and the message she wanted to deliver. Once we had developed a clear look and feel that was authentic to Ngara and her work, we discussed audience demographics and where to find them.

We set in place a content distribution strategy that showcased her best work and her clients’ journey on Instagram, from before the haircut to after. We added stories to show her personality as well as work in progress shots.


Flying Scissors following and ‘bums on seats’ has more than trebled.

"What I really care about is how many clients I’m seeing regularly. As a result of Roz’s support and advice, I have more clients. I would highly recommend Roz for any Social Media jobs needed for your business.”