DDG Windows

Lead Generation


A leading manufacturer and fitter of aluminium doors and windows in East London asked for a “pimping” up of its Facebook page, making it more conversational and on brand.

We designed a content distribution strategy that ensured the right content was shared with the ideal audience at the perfect time.
DDG Windows
April 2018


We arranged a professional photography shoot to get images of the team at work in the factory, manufacturing and hand finishing the products. The images were used to give the brand a distinct and personalised facelift as we worked to raise the company’s profile and engage new audiences.

We developed a Facebook Ad Strategy that focused on traffic first, Lead Generation second, and finally on conversions of the leads Facebook brought into the business. This involved Business Development and Customer Relations training as well as creating engaging content for the desired audience. 

The most recent lead generation campaign created 23 hot leads of prospective clients, who all filled out a form with their names, numbers and email addresses as well as their preferred item for a quote.


Within 10 working days and an ad spend of £300 on Facebook, we raised a significant amount of top quality leads, resulting in new business profit for the business.

"Roz has brought leads into the business for us to convert and the entire process has yielded a positive ROI quarter after quarter. I would highly recommending using Roz and Elated Social to grow leads for your business.”