Summer Loving & Flexible Working

Summer Loving & Flexible Working
Ice Creams By The Pool

I’m sitting by the pool; the sun is shining, and the kids are having a blast! Best summer ever. They have been to Cornwall with their besties on the beach and a long weekend in Euro Disney with their cousins for birthday celebrations. There’s been play dates, park dates, swim dates, birthday parties, sleep overs, trampolining and bike rides, not to mention more park visits and ice cream van expenditure than Mr Frosty has ever seen.

Flexible Working

On the flip side I’ve been managing my social media marketing business from all of these locations. Talk about “flexible working”! (whoever came up with that term for working mothers needs to take a good long look at themselves, in fact, I would put money on the fact that the people who coined the term do not have children!)

I’ve bribed my kids with iPads, you tube timers and freestyle painting (outside of course) so I can snatch an hour here and there with my laptop or iPhone, to create content, develop ad campaigns, run and pour over analytics to optimise the next ad set. We’ve been to the library to choose 5 books each so they can read in bed while I’ve stayed up until 1am responding to Facebook leads for clients (who are on holiday themselves) and setting up appointments for new business meetings.

Business Development

Driving Around the M25 Mid Summer Is not A Fun Game

I’ve driven right round the M25 to meet new clients, who have shown real interest in what I do, for them to ask me for my step by step methods, so they could replicate my intellectual property; it may take you some time, I’ve spent 25 years learning, honing and perfecting my USP. Not to mention late nights and weekends away from my family to gain in depth knowledge on Facebook Ads and the mysterious algorithm, so I can make the most of a small budget to bring in hot leads.

Social Media Marketing

I guess it’s all part of the learning process of being a small business, which has its ups and downs of course. On the up side, I have some wonderful clients who have been supportive, patient, understanding and grateful for the hard work and the rewards that have come from it. They are also revelling in the new business my social strategy has brought them and are continuing to grow as a result of the business development advice I offer as part of my service.

I will say, there is no part of this journey I would trade to go back to corporate communications agencies who zap the life out of you from project to project, year on year. Nah Ha.

Kids Having Fun On The Beaches Near Padstow

A Website is born

While in Cornwall I begged my husband and friends to take ALL the kids to the beach so I could write some copy for my website. Because I promised myself that this summer, after 2 years in business, I would finally complete my website and launch it. And guess what, I actually managed to do it. The website that is. I wrote copy, chose images, wrote case studies, asked clients approval and stressed out about the colour scheme of my existing brand, I also moved the menu bar 5 times and came up with a website that my husband told me looked like a junior high school kid created it LOL. So back to the drawing board I went and with the help of a professional web developer, we created my first ever web site, which I am pretty proud of.

So with a glass of something fizzy in hand, I am pleased to present my latest body of work

Cheers ?